SaneBox + RescueTime = Love at First Sight


Do you spend a lot of time online but sometimes wonder just how much work you are getting done?  Used to happen to us all the time until we found (and fell in love with) RescueTime.  Sanebox+RescueTime is a match of highly effective email management and productivity made in heaven.

RescueTime is a service that helps you easily understand and optimize how and where you should prioritize your time on your computer. RescueTime removes the “looking busy” part of online work and focuses attention on getting things done that are of actual benefit.


Here’s how it works.  A tiny application is installed on the computer that keeps track of online activity. This application focuses on the sites actually receiving your attention rather than what windows are open. Good decision making is largely dependant on having quality information. RescueTime provides you with that data so that you can focus on Getting Things Done that actually need to be done.

Email management is a core part of GTD. Most of us suffer from email overload and will probably rarely see Inbox ZeroSaneBox fixes that. It helps you focus on what’s important, by filtering non-urgent messages out of your inbox into a separate folder.  This means that important emails that need your attention actually get your attention, while everything else can wait.

Try SaneBox and RescueTime together, and you’ll see how much less time you’ll spend in your inbox. Individually they are great time management tools. When used together they are the perfect partnership for those looking to save time in email and online activities in general.


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