Announcing… User-Defined Sane Email Folders

Hi Guys,

We have always tried to make SaneBox as GTD-like as possible. GTD means do what is most important right now. Keep your focus and be productive. SaneBox does this by creating an INBOX with exactly what you need to deal with NOW. But, GTD also points out that there are projects that need to get done later that require little pieces of work as you go along.  Now SaneBox addresses this too.

One of the highest requested features on SaneBox is the ability for us to filter by topic instead of importance.  One user suggested the ability to create a folder with receipts that needed to be booked into an expense report at the end of the month. This suggested use case really resonated with me.

I use to keep SaneBox’s accounting books.  And there is a set of emails that need to get “booked” every month as an expense or income.  So having those emails corralled into one folder for me is a huge time saver.

Now SaneBox can’t guess which email receipts need to be booked in my accounting system, versus receipts that are simply needed for reference, so to make this work, we invented “User Defined Sane Folders”.

You click on the “add user defined folder” link in the page.  Name the folder whatever you want. And start throwing emails into it.

I already have a @SaneKashoo folder and it has lowered my stress level enormously. Instead of being bummed out everytime I see those receipt emails that I haven’t booked yet, I now know that they are waiting for me to deal with them when I have time.  All nicely organized in @SaneKashoo.

We have plans to allow users to re-use each other’s Sane folder definitions and we are thinking of rewarding those users with the **most** re-used folders.

But, in the meantime, make yourself one and make your life a little more organized.

Hope you enjoy this feature as much as I am!


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