Using your “Digest of Unread Unimportant Emails”

1. This is where you click to change the number of times you get the digest.

2. This is a link to a webpage to help you triage **all** your unimportant email at once.

3. If I want this bi-monthly payroll approval reminder to go in my INBOX, I would click here.

By default, all SaneBox users get a “Digest of unread unimportant emails” each afternoon.  This digest is a summary of all the emails that SaneBox moved to your SaneLater folder. And a summary of your trainings.

We created the digest to try to give users better habits around their unimportant email.  I have found that my beloved SaneBox users either completely ignore their SaneLater folder or they check it way too often.  We later added training info to the email because I wanted a convenient way for users to check on their most recent trainings.

Users that ignore their SaneLater folder have come to believe that putting emails off means you never have to deal with them.  The healthier approach is to triage those emails archiving most of them, promoting ones that are INBOX worthy, and dealing with the others as time permits. We will continue to empower the digest so that you will be able to do all these things quickly and easily.  Currently you can only easily retrain emails (stay tuned for POWER digest features coming to your email client soon)

Users that check their SaneLater folder too often are simply afraid to let go.  The digest is meant to be the security blanket that you need to do that.  Concentrate on the important stuff or better yet get something important done that has nothing to do with your email.  When the digest comes, check the unimportant stuff. Have the digest come more often if you are really anxious but stop nervously checking your SaneLater folder!

Thanks everyone!


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