Productivity Giants Series with Sheena Brady, CEO of Tease Tea

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We’re so excited to feature Sheena Brady, the creative mind behind online tea shop Tease Tea on the #ProductivityGiants series this week!


An entrepreneur, tea sommelier, and Merchant Success Lead at Shopify, Sheena is a huge inspiration to all of us here at SaneBox. Here’s Sheena talking about how SaneBox helped Shopify save over 500+ hours per month:

How SaneBox Helped Shopify Save Over 450 Hours a Month by Eliminating Email Distractions

Do you remember the time when a day at work started with coffee and a meeting, not hours spent sorting through a seemingly never-ending amount of emails?


When analysts at Shopify identified “email overload” as a growing problem for their employees, they decided to turn to SaneBox for help. By applying SaneBox’s powerful filtering algorithms and machine learning technology to their current email platform, Shopify was able to streamline their email communications, reduce time spent dealing with unimportant emails, and increase overall employee productivity.