The Productivity Giants Series with Jon Levy, Behavioral Scientist


Welcome to The Productivity Giants Series 2!


In case you missed it, this series includes interviews with some of the top leaders in the tech industry and beyond, and we’re continuing on with a new batch of inspiring people. We hope you’ll be inspired by their productivity wisdom, as well as their fascinating career learnings thus far. Catch up on Series 1 here.


First up in this new season is Jon Levy!

The Productivity Giants Series with Jocelyn Glei, Writer and Host of the Hurry Slowly Podcast


We’re excited to introduce Jocelyn Glei as our first guest in the Productivity Giants Series 2!


Jocelyn is a multi-talented writer and creative whose mission is to help others find more meaning and creativity in their daily work. She’s the host of the Hurry Slowly podcast — a new show about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient by slowing down. She also write books that will help you reclaim your time in “the age of distraction”, and gives talks about how we can spend less time on “fake productivity” and more time on work that actually matters. Her newsletter contains insightful and thoughtful ideas to spark inspiration, while also being actionable and useful.

The Productivity Giants Series with Mel Robbins, Speaker, Author, & CNN Contributor


Mel Robbins is quite simply a powerhouse of productivity. She’s many things – a best-selling author, the most booked female speaker, the CEO of a media and speaking company, a CNN legal analyst – AND a mother of 3.

The Productivity Giants Series with Gretchen Rubin, Bestselling Author of “The Happiness Project”


Ah, happiness – the ever elusive thing we’re all ultimately seeking out. We’re all looking for it, but many of us don’t quite know how to find it – or how to keep it around.


That’s where Gretchen Rubin comes in. She’s studied happiness for years and is now one of the most influential observers of happiness and human nature today. She’s well known for her ability to make complex ideas easy to understand with wit and clarity,  so that we can all understand how to simply live happier.

The Productivity Giants Series with Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion


Know that annoying feeling when you have trouble remembering something? Well, Nelson Dellis doesn’t ever have that problem. Nelson is a 4x USA Memory Champion and one of the leading memory experts in the world. He regularly travels to compete as a Memory Athlete, Memory Consultant, and a keynote speaker. He also is an avid mountaineer and climber,  and preaches a healthy lifestyle that combines both physical and mental fitness.


The Productivity Giants Series with Jordan Harbinger, Host of The Art of Charm Podcast


Do you ever wish you could be more charming? Most of us do. Not only is being charming and charismatic helpful in the business world, it’s pretty much applicable to any and all social situations. Jordan Harbinger knows this fact well, which is perhaps why his podcast, The Art of Charm, currently has 3.9 million listeners. He co-founded the Art of Charm website as well, which is now known as one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a special expertise in social capital, relationship-building, and authentic rapport.

Productivity Giants Series with Nilofer Merchant, Author & Speaker

5 min read

Are you caught up on our #ProductivityGiants series so far? If not, be sure to check out our interviews with Camille Ricketts, Head of Content at First Round Capital, Brad Feld, Partner at Foundry Group, Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, Eric Paley, Partner at Founder Collective, Dharmesh Shah, CTO of Hubspot, James Clear, Author & Entrepreneur, and Derek Flanzraich, Founder of Greatist.



Nilofer Merchant is, quite simply, a powerhouse of inventiveness and new ideas. Based in Silicon Valley, she has personally launched more than 100 products that netted an astounding 18 billion dollars in revenue. Since retiring from the business of shipping products, Nilofer has been busy as an author and speaker on the topics of innovation, business leadership, and social change.