SaneBox Success Story: How Emily Finally Won the Battle Against Her Inbox

“I’ve been fighting a losing battle against my inbox for 4 or 5 years…I was having serious problems with losing urgent emails. I was just lost in all the clutter.”

SaneBox Review From Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society

Emily spends her days encouraging space enthusiasts to explore the final frontier. But somehow she kept getting lost in the outer limits of her inbox.

As the senior editor and planetary evangelist for the Planetary Society—a nonprofit organization dedicated to space research and exploration—Emily blogs about everything from drilling on Mars to the moons that orbit Pluto. She also writes about space science for Sky & Telescope Magazine. From the latest planetary news to emails from her nonprofit’s membership base, she’s got a lot to keep track of.

Staring into the vastness of space? Fascinating. Staring into her inbox? Terrifying.

To Take on the World’s Biggest Issues, This Champion of Social Good First Had to Take on His Inbox


The world needs more champions like Devin D. Thorpe.

An author, speaker and blogger for social good, Devin has big goals for humanity. But between speaking engagements around the world, helping nonprofits tap into crowdfunding and writing about social entrepreneurship for Forbes, it’s tricky finding time for his magnum opus: a book on how to solve the world’s biggest problems by 2045.

Before solving the world’s problems, it turns out, he first needed to solve one of his own. A daily barrage of more than 300 emails was keeping him chained to his inbox, unable to move forward on his world-changing projects.

“I found myself just constantly in my inbox, and I panicked when I wasn’t.”

Triage: A trick that has saved millions of lives and works wonders for Inbox Zero

Bill Liao Email Triage Quote

Post highlights:

  • The key to a powerful flow is to reduce the number of incomplete things in your life.
  • You have a huge level of control over your email if you choose to take hold of it
  • Email is not broken we just use it the wrong way. The trick is triage.
  • It is a mistake to think that by leaving an important email in your inbox you will handle it.

Guest post by Bill Liao, Co-founder of and Indie.Bio, Founder of

Motivation is like a well spring, it flows from deep within you and flows strongest when you are in a mindful flow state during your day.

Every incomplete thing in your awareness disturbs your flow which then has the knock on effect of reducing / killing your motivation.

The key then to a powerful flow is to reduce the number of incomplete things in your life.

Most people see external causes for the incomplete things in their lives and thus each new incompletion is doubly disempowering.

Email on the surface looks like the ultimate, uncontrollable, external influence.

The truth is far different. You have a huge level of control over your email if you choose to take hold of it.

Lunchtime Email Tip: Undo Send in Gmail

Small changes can create a big impact to your workload or stress level. Today, we’re dealing with the latter.

How to Undo Send in Gmail

This is an old trick, but absolutely essential for anyone who sends emails out a bit too hastily sometimes. Typos, incomplete emails, and the dreaded ‘reply-all’ can be a thing of the past. Here are the steps for setting it up in your account:

8 Signs You’re an Email Amateur


Sure, we’ve all been emailing since the Dark Ages (the time before smartphones). That means we must be experts right? Not so fast! With good experience usually comes at least a few bad habits, and here are just a few to start with. Even if you consider yourself an email expert, there’s always room to improve. Check to see how many describe you.

You’re an Email Amateur if…

4 Principles for Awesome Email Responsiveness

email responsiveness

By David DeWolf

I’m a responsiveness junkie. Especially when it comes to email. I strive to answer every (professional) email within 24 hours and it drives me absolutely bonkers when I can’t. On the flip side, I get a bit annoyed when I don’t receive answers in a timely manner. I don’t hold others to the same standard I hold myself to (though some requests obviously deserve it), but is it really impossible to get back to me within a couple of days? If so, maybe you need to start managing your email, instead of letting it control you.

5 Ways to Protect Your Gmail from Being Hacked

A clean inbox every day? See the easiest, safest way »




Most people don’t realize how vulnerable their Gmail Account is to cyber threats, which if successful can lead to a laundry list of potential problems.

Some of our most sensitive information is stored in our email account; imagine what an imposter would find if they got ahold of your password. The contacts in your address book, your schedule, confidential attachments, and private conversations would all be compromised. Additionally, they may find access to your Facebook, Amazon, and other such accounts.

Perhaps even more disturbing is they would be capable of sending email as you and, once logged in, could change your password and lock you out of your own account indefinitely.

If your Gmail got hacked, it would be a nightmare. 

Fortunately, there are ways to dramatically improve the security of your online information, and we at SaneBox have laid it out in 5 steps: