How to Send a Cover Letter in an Email


Do I need a cover letter? Are cover letters really that important to include?

In 2019, it’s unclear, but some job applications still require one. If it’s any consolation, the cover letter is a great place to include any relevant information that might not be apparent on your resume. 

Which brings us to another vexing question – should you copy your cover letter in the body of an email or attach it to the email? There are no hard and fast rules, but it’s always best to follow the company’s instructions on the application.

Email Management Made Easy: How SaneBox Stands Out Among the Competition

When it comes to email management, you have many choices. 


Over the last few years, Gmail and Microsoft have built products that compete with SaneBox and offered them for free, most notably Google Inbox, Focused Inbox, and Microsoft 365 Clutter.


Here’s why we’re still better than any of the free alternatives.

How To Promote Inclusivity And Diversity In The Workplace


An organization doesn’t have a chance of success without its employees. Diverse teams, with their individual skill sets and proficiencies, come together to create something truly amazing that’s greater than the sum of their parts. To get the best from each employee regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or race, we must proactively include them so they feel comfortable enough to show their full potential. 


According to a McKinsey report, diversity leads to a more successful business. The report found that companies in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity were 35 percent more inclined to have above-average financial returns. Those in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15 percent more likely to have above-average financial returns. 

Control Your Inbox: 15 Email Productivity Hacks


The average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to messages. This means roughly 30% of their work time is devoted to managing their inbox. That’s entirely too much time to be spending on email! 


At SaneBox, we’ve done lots of research and thinking about ways to get better at email. Resist toxic email culture by implementing these 15 advanced email productivity hacks, and soon you’ll be on your way to crushing your inbox every day.

How To Declutter Your Desk For Increased Productivity At Work


The items you keep on your desk affect your work performance. Experts say that clutter is extremely distracting and can ruin your focus. 


Our brains appreciate order, and constant visual reminders from a disorganized space deplete our cognitive resources, decreasing our ability to focus. The visual disturbance of clutter heightens cognitive overload and can lower our working memory. A UCLA study found that when we’re around clutter, our cortisol levels rise, increasing our stress levels due to sensory overload.

Productivity Tips For Extremely Busy Professionals In 2019


We all know that feeling of being busy all the time. You know how it is—no matter whether we have 10 or 10,000 things to do—when your superior or coworker asks for a favor at work, it’s hard to say no (not impossible).


The truth is that most of us have found comfort in being busy. It’s tempting to be the “busiest person” in the office. It feels like success. But here’s the thing: You’ve misunderstood the meaning of SUCCESS. Being more successful at work is also a matter of being productive with your time rather than just being busy.