How to Tune Your Email Routine for Better Team Collaboration

Guest post by actiTIME

Emails remain one of the most popular communication media. 

Based on 2019 statistics, there were 3.9 billion active email users worldwide, which is 400 million users more than for social media. Altogether, we send nearly 300 billion emails each day on a global scale, and this number is expected to grow steadily within just a few years.

If you’re used to collaborating with colleagues and business partners on a regular basis, you’re likely well familiar with email writing too. You utilize emails as a means to deliver vital information, speed up collective decision making, coordinate efforts, ask questions, and whatnot! And with all that in mind, you probably understand that well-established email communication saves a ton of time for a team, but when disorganized, it can cause significant work delays and disrupt productivity.

4 Ways Companies Can Promote Diversity And Inclusion At Work

diversity and inclusion at work
diversity and inclusion at work

The topics of diversity and inclusion at work have rightfully been amplified as of late. Hopefully, your organization already has some efforts to encourage these important practices. To promote more accountability and further improve upon your current strategies, you need a practical approach and 100% team alignment. 

There are a multitude of reasons why American workplaces must change, but one of the main ones is that the country is changing demographically, according to this U.S. Bureau report. There’s a solid business case for encouraging diversity and inclusion, and companies need leaders who reflect the changing landscape. Research finds that when teams reflect their target customers, the entire organization is twice as likely to provide effective solutions for their end users. 

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How To Prioritize When Your Todo List Is Overflowing

Guest post by Shift

When you are overwhelmed with everything that life and work have thrown at you, prioritizing can be difficult. Simply deciding which email to open first can suck up as much mental energy as actually doing it. The trick to overcoming your to-do list when everything feels important is to work smart, not hard, and the first step is deciding what is most important to you. 

To prioritize efficiently, you must accept the unavoidable truth that you cannot do everything at once. If you believe that you can complete all of your work in a day, you will leave feeling unaccomplished, guilty, and unable to celebrate the small wins you have accomplished. This article will help you free your mind of unrealistic expectations and align your priorities with your value system. 

Business Email: Best Practices For Work

business email

If you are a professional, you cannot function without writing business email. 

From connecting with your clients and customers to ensuring swift business communication within the team, emails serve as a reliable medium. 

And contrary to popular belief, emails haven’t lost their shine when it comes to marketing either. 

Getting Your Inbox to Zero

Is Inbox Zero Realistic? 

Your email inbox. What feelings does it evoke in you? Anxiety? Dread? Overwhelm? If the feelings you have about your inbox are all negative, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, agonizing over emails we didn’t respond to, worrying about what might have fallen through the cracks. The stream of content entering your inbox can feel neverending, and it can be easy to lose control. 

How To Tell The Difference Between Spam And Junk Mail

spam and junk mail
spam and junk mail

What’s the difference between spam and junk mail? Most people use these terms interchangeably. However, you should know that the two aren’t the same, and you should treat them differently. 

Both spam and junk mail have one thing in common — they clutter your inbox. But the motives behind them are vastly dissimilar. In this article, you’ll learn the technical differences between junk and spam.