Disconnect, Do Less, Get More Done: How Strategically Disconnecting Can Actually Make You More Productive

Unplugging every once in a while is necessary. Image courtesy of Huffington Post


In today’s technology-focused culture, being connected 24/7 is the expectation. Answering emails from your bed first thing in the morning, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for hours every day, and getting pulled out of the moment to answer a text message—whether you’re working on an important project, spending time with your family, or pursuing a personal hobby—is the norm.

The Productivity Series with Igor Faletski, Founder & CEO of Mobify


Igor Faletski is the founder & CEO of Mobify, a digital experience platform for building modern, customer-first shopping experiences through Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and native apps. Today, Mobify is the leading Digital Experience Platform for mobile commerce. It drives mobile revenue growth for global brands like Lancôme, Crabtree & Evelyn, Debenhams, Carnival Cruise Line, London Drugs, Burlington, PureFormulas, Superdry, eXtra Electronics, and ThinkGeek, among others.


Igor is a passionate entrepreneur and has successfully scaled Mobify from three people working in a tiny Vancouver apartment to the global leader in mobile commerce it is now. Read on for Igor’s top productivity and email tips, and why he always starts his day in a coffee shop.

The 3 Most Common Productivity Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)



Whether you have a corporate job, own a business, or do the incredibly difficult work of taking care of your children, we all face the question of productivity on a daily basis.   


We’re all tasked with questioning and improving the effectiveness of our efforts towards whatever we do, and most of us find that we too often fall short of the standard of effectiveness we set for ourselves.


Here are three of the reasons why, along with advice for better managing your time and efforts.

The Productivity Giants Series with Nathan Chan, CEO & Publisher of Foundr Magazine

Photo: Yaro Starak


Nathan Chan is on a mission to make his entrepreneurial magazine, Foundr, a household name. Foundr is the essential digital resource for the “growing ranks of craft, self-made entrepreneurs – at every level of experience.”


Millions of people read Foundr’s content every month, and their covers have been blessed by successful entrepreneurs like Sophia Amoruso, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss and many more.


It’s a challenge juggling a fast-growing startup, while also disrupting and navigating the quickly changing publishing industry. We talked to Nathan about the importance of delegating and why work doesn’t feel like work to him.

The Highly Productive Morning Routines of 10 Badass Women

Here’s how newscaster Mel Robbins, fitness entrepreneur Natalie Jill, early Twitter employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz, and more get ready to greet the day.



Wouldn’t it be amazing if every morning was spent rising well-rested at 6 a.m., hitting the gym, drinking a healthy green smoothie, and then meditating for an hour – all before even starting work? Sounds great, but who actually achieves this instead of hitting snooze a couple of times and scrolling through Twitter for 30 minutes?  


Life is rarely perfect – and true #girlbosses know how to overcome obstacles and make the first 90 minutes of their day best work for their busy lives. These are the very real, completely honest, and totally attainable AM routines of 10 badass, goal-setting women in the tech industry and beyond. If you’re in need of some morning inspiration to optimize your own routine, read on.

12 Books Highly Recommended by Successful People

It’s been a while since we published our last book roundup – 22 Books You Should Read if You Want to Be Successful in 2018. The year is now more than halfway over (we know, we know.) How’s your reading list looking these days?


In case you’ve already whizzed through that list, we have a fresh new one for you today. Get into the swing of being back to school and work this fall season with one of these inspiring reads recommended by a few of our Productivity Giants. Best enjoyed on the couch with a blanket and a pumpkin spice latte (JK, but really.)


The Productivity Giants Series with August Turak, Author and Founder of The Self Knowledge Symposium Foundation

This week we’re welcoming August Turak to the Productivity Giants Series. August is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and contributor for Forbes.com and the BBC. An ex-entrepreneur, August attributes the bulk of his success to living and working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey for the past decade. He’s now the founder of the spiritual and educational nonprofit the Self Knowledge Symposium Foundation (SKSF).



Read on for August’s definition of productivity, the importance of delegating, and his reasons for becoming a total fitness nut.