How To Take Back Control of Your Inbox


Arguably the most overwhelming part of your business (and life)? Your inbox.


According to The McKinsey Global Institute, the average worker spends about 13 hours per week reading and responding to email—which, if you work a normal 45-hour week, makes up for 28% of your time.


That’s a huge chunk of time—but, when you crunch the numbers, the majority of that time is not time well spent. According to SaneBox’s internal data, less than half (42%) of emails in your inbox are relevant or important—which means that a whopping 58% are just taking up time and energy, making you feel more overwhelmed than ever (a recent study found that participants experienced increased heart rate and higher stress levels when given access to email).


And this email overwhelm problem? It’s not going anywhere. The total number of emails sent and received is projected to jump to 333.2 billion by 2020—an increase of 18.5% from 2018.


If you want to get out of overwhelm (and stop email from taking over your business and life), you need to take back control of your inbox. And the best way to take back control?




SaneBox uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to analyze your inbox behavior and determine which emails are important or urgent, which can wait until later, and which you can get rid of.


SaneBox automatically creates the @SaneLater folder, which takes unimportant and non-urgent messages out of your inbox—getting rid of clutter and making it easier and less overwhelming to address the emails that need your immediate attention. From there, you can set up additional folder to further filter and organize your emails—and if an email ever ends up in the wrong place, all you have to do is drag-and-drop it into the correct folder and SaneBox will continue to file similar emails there in the future.


In addition to filtering, SaneBox offers a variety of other features to help you get out of overwhelm and get your inbox under control, including:


  • Snooze, which allows you to file away non-urgent emails and automatically move them back into your inbox when they need your attention—whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or next year;
  • SaneBlackHole, which lets you get rid of annoying or unnecessary emails once and for all;
  • SaneReminders, which will let you know if an email you sent is still waiting for a reply, ensuring you don’t drop the ball on any necessary follow-ups;
  • SaneAttachments, which frees up space in your inbox by storing attachments via Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, or IBM Smart Cloud; and
  • Custom folders, which allow you to sort, filter, and manage emails in a way that works for YOU


The best part about SaneBox? The more you use it, the better it gets to know your email habits—and the more effectively it can manage your inbox and make sure overwhelm stays a thing of the past.


Ready to kick overwhelm to the curb? Sign up for a free SaneBox trial and take back control of your inbox.


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