Using Email to Stay on Top of Your Finances

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Salary, income, expenses, taxes, retirement, credit card statements, bills, investments — there’s a lot of financial stuff to keep track of. The truth is, many of us aren’t that great at managing our money, and that’s often for a simple reason, it’s complicated! Fortunately, the good people over at Money Crashers have got your back. They’ve been giving out fantastic financial advice for years, and we worked with them to put together this super-helpful guide on using email to help you manage your finances.


Here’s the SaneBox Scoop on how to be a master of money.



Get Your Bank and Credit Card Statements Emailed to You


Almost every bank has an option for you to get your bank statements electronically. Log into your bank’s website and choose to have an email sent to you when your bank statements are ready. That way you can easily see exactly how much you’re spending and saving. Plus, it’s better for the environment.



Setup Email Alerts for Overdrafts, Deposits, and Withdrawals


While you’re on your bank’s website see if there’s an option to get alerted if your bank balance falls below a certain amount or if you make a large deposit or spend a lot. That way you can stay on top of your finances and take action to keep everything running smoothly.



Use Budgeting and Finance Services Like Mint or Yodlee


Even if your bank doesn’t send you emails on low balances or spending, other services will. Mint, Yodlee, and other finance managers will securely connect to your bank, credit card, and other accounts. They will track everything in one place and can send you email alerts based on criteria that you put in place. Want to get notified every time there’s a spend of more than $100 on your credit card? No problem.



Get Your Bills Electronically


From property tax to electricity, and water to garbage collection, there are plenty of bills to plan for! Arrange to have your bills sent to you electronically and you’ll stay more on top of them and save some trees into the bargain!



Arrange For Regular Emails from Other Financial Organizations


Look through all of your finances — bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and more. Log into each service and see what options you have to get notified when there are changes to your accounts or information you can get on a regular basis.



Setup a Finances Folder


Once you’ve set up all your email alerts, you don’t want them cluttering up your inbox. Instead, create a finance folder in your email client and build a rule to send any email about money straight to that folder.



Put Aside a Day Each Month to Sort Out Your Finances


Managing and planning your finances might be something that bores you to tears, but it’s important stuff. Put aside a couple of hours once a month to go through your finance folder, sort through all the emails and track where you are. Make sure you know all your bank and credit card balances, make your payments, and invest a bit more into your portfolio or retirement account. Go on, go and pop a recurring event in your calendar now — you’ll thank us when you’re rolling in cash!



Use SaneBox to Help You Stay on Top of Your Finances


Naturally, SaneBox has some awesome tools to help you manage your money.


Smart and simple filtering helps you send your finance emails to the right locations.

SaneReminders lets you stay on top of your bill payments.

SaneFwd will forward your important money email into other apps.

Move Attachments uploads your statements and other attachments to the cloud.


Find out more about how SaneBox can help you stay on top of your money and visit Money Crashers for loads more great tips.