When we started SaneBox 4 years ago we vowed to fix communication overload. Until today this revolved around email – after all an average professional spends 28% of their time reading and replying to email.  But we haven’t been blind to developments in communication: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and, of course, fax.  After doing a lot of research and speaking with hundreds of customers it became clear that the volume of facsimile messages has been exploding in the recent years.  To address this growing problem today we are excited to announce our latest product – SaneFax.


As customers have come to expect of our products, SaneFax will be completely seamless. After entering your fax number on our site, SaneBox will act as a filter on your facsimile device.  Urgent messages will be allowed to go through, while less important memos won’t be allowed to interrupt your day.  Once a day you will get a digest of your unimportant faxes.

As always, training SaneFax is easy.  If an unimportant fax managed to pass through our filter, just send a fax back to the sender with “not important” written somewhere on the paper. Alternatively, if a fax is important just reply with “important” in the message. We’ll intercept it and adjust our algorithms on the fly.  It’s that simple!

Sign up for SaneFax today!


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