With the summer travel season here, it’s important to not let email ruin your vacation. Here are some tips:

1. Don’t hesitate to delegate

If there’s someone out there who should (or simply can) deal with one of your emails while you’re traveling – by all means, forward it on.

2. Mobile = Important, Desktop = Can Wait

If you absolutely have to check email while on the road, make sure to focus on urgent items in your mobile inbox.  You can deal with SaneLater emails in bulk when you’re back at your computer (it will feel reeeeally good to hit “delete-all”).

3. Forward itineraries to the day of your trip

If you use SaneBox, simply forward your travel itinerary or e-ticket to (e.g. or etc) and we’ll automatically put it at the top of your Inbox at that time.

4. Snooze non-urgent emails until you’re back

SaneBox customers can set up Custom Snooze Folders, which let you defer emails until you’re ready to deal with them. If you’re on vacation we recommend setting up a Snooze Folder for the day after you get back, effectively snoozing unimportant emails until your vacation is over. Brilliant, we know.

5. Don’t let annoying out-of-office replies make you sad

Nothing is worse than seeing an email from a colleague bragging about his amazing trip to south of France while you’re stuck in the office. Just set the “Auto replies go to” drop-down to SaneLater (or SaneBlackHole!)  on the Training Filters page.


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