Over the last 2 years SaneBox has become the must have tool for professionals, saving an average customer over 100 hours per year.  Last year we won the Best in Email award from About.com.

This week PC World selected us as one of the Best Products of 2012. Even better, we are one of the 13 Best Business And Productivity tools of the year!


“This cloud-based service is surprisingly good at guessing what you want to see” Read more…

And here’s what some of the other influential publications had to say about us:


“SaneBox is amazing and worth ever penny it costs.” Read more…


“The folks at SaneBox have created a technical solution that sorts the urgent from the unimportant and keeps time-critical messages at the top of your inbox.” Read more…
“I’ve been using SaneBox for more than two months now and can’t imagine going without it.” Read more…
“Looking for an easy way to organize the e-mails in your overflowing inbox? SaneBox uses an algorithm to determine which messages are important” Read more…


“Email doesn’t have to suck” Read more…

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