SaneBox Reminders – Tracking Who Didn’t Reply & Deferring Your INBOX Email


We just fielded a new feature we call SaneReminders.

It solves two big problems at one shot.

  • scheduling email processing without a folder in a more granular way
  • keeping track of emails that haven’t received a reply yet

Like all SaneBox related things, it is easy to use.

When sending an email…

add a special SaneBox address as a recipient in the TO: or CC: or BCC: field.

This special SaneBox address can look like:


Here is a full description of all the permutations: SaneReminders addresses

At the appointed time, if no reply has been detected for the email, we will download that email (just long enough to) send it back to you so it will appear at the top of your email queue.

In the meantime, we will keep a copy of your reminder emails in @SaneReminders so you can know what emails you are waiting for.

send a test email TO: and see for yourself.