The Highly Productive Morning Routines of 10 Badass Women

Here’s how newscaster Mel Robbins, fitness entrepreneur Natalie Jill, early Twitter employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz, and more get ready to greet the day.



Wouldn’t it be amazing if every morning was spent rising well-rested at 6 a.m., hitting the gym, drinking a healthy green smoothie, and then meditating for an hour – all before even starting work? Sounds great, but who actually achieves this instead of hitting snooze a couple of times and scrolling through Twitter for 30 minutes?  


Life is rarely perfect – and true #girlbosses know how to overcome obstacles and make the first 90 minutes of their day best work for their busy lives. These are the very real, completely honest, and totally attainable AM routines of 10 badass, goal-setting women in the tech industry and beyond. If you’re in need of some morning inspiration to optimize your own routine, read on.