Stop the Email Madness: Straightforward Solutions for Your Biggest Inbox Issues

Email literacy is a job skill like any other—some employees have it naturally, but most need a little training.

Sending emails at work

If your headaches at work came with subject lines, one of the biggest ones would read, “Re: Email burnout.”

After all, the average tech CEO toils for 14 hours a day, and email sucks up nearly a third of that time. One study found that Fortune 500 leaders spend nearly two and a half hours a day answering emails.

Why put up with that if you don’t have to? As a business leader, it’s up to you to set the standard for email use within your company—and establishing just a few simple rules for workplace communication could drastically reduce email burnout for you and your employees alike.

And now, a few easy answers to some of your biggest email challenges.