Introducing Email Deep Clean: Declutter Your Email Storage

In this digital age of information overload, we have more information than we know what to do with. 

With constant emails coming at you every day, it can be easier to only focus on your day-to-day inbox management. Perhaps you have a goal of reaching the seemingly implausible Inbox Zero. 

So you spend your time focusing on the important communications and manually clearing out unnecessary emails, moving items to new folders, and deleting/unsubscribing one email at a time. 

Over time, the emails that no longer serve you start to build up. All of the newsletters you said you would read but no longer have time for are still piling up every day and sitting in a folder for “one day.”

Eventually, you get the dreadful notification — you’re out of storage space. Time to clean up the clutter. But where do you even start with unloading the massive amount of emails?

Reducing the Email Storage Bloat

A study by Osterman Research found that almost 79% of respondents consider email storage bloat a problem. No matter the email server that you are using, there is an end to the amount of content it can hold. This can lead to costly results if you have to pay for more storage space and can become more work to manage.

There are many short-term solutions: use links to files instead of attachments, compress files, move emails to the cloud. But those workarounds usually end up being just that –workarounds. 

Learn how our new feature, Email Deep Clean, can help you clear out old, unnecessary emails saving you on time and extra storage costs.

Get an Analysis on Your Most Popular Contacts

By using Email Deep Clean, our A.I. will run an analysis on all of the contacts, newsletters, stores, and websites that send you the most email. All you have to do is allow SaneBox to scan your email account and you can get back to what you were doing while SaneBox does its magic in the background.

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive an email providing the number of contacts, messages, and amount of storage space currently stored within your email platform. 

Choose What Stays and What Goes

Email Deep Clean will provide a list of all senders on your SaneBox Dashboard. You can review this list and select the users who are no longer relevant or that you do not wish to hear from anymore.

After verifying that you want to delete all messages from these contacts, SaneBox will move all messages from selected senders to the Trash.

Save Time on Storage Space Management

Once the irrelevant emails from your selected contacts are moved to the trash, you’ll have more space available for what really matters. No more headaches about running out of storage space!

Keep Your Storage Clear

Now that your inbox is cleaned up, you can use other SaneBox features to keep it cleaned up and organized. Any time you feel like it is getting cluttered again, you can run another scan and repeat the process to quickly clear out the unnecessary content and free your storage for what matters most.