SaneBox & Partners Present Productivity Gold For 2021 ($200+ in savings)

If you’re anything like us, you need a little extra push when it comes to being productive and getting things done after such an unprecedented year. That’s why we put together Productivity Gold 2021 — to provide you with the best deals and discounts on top productivity tools and software to help you do the best work you can. 

Productivity Gold is the essential, modern-day productivity suite, helping you be your most efficient while streamlining your workflow.

We teamed up with our friends at actiTime, Bonsai, Habit Nest, Freedom, and more to kick off 2021 with this all-star team of tools. Wishing you productivity and success this new year! 


Save 40% on the annual subscription

ProofHub helps 85,000+ teams and businesses maintain insanely high levels of productivity. A lot more than just simple project management software, ProofHub brings together all the aspects of planning, task management, team collaboration, document management, reviewing, reporting, time tracking, and communication together in one central space. 

No coupon code required. 


$35 discount on the first purchase

actiTIME is a powerful time-tracking and work management tool. It helps keep track of time expenses, monitor work progress, and manage teams across countries and time zones. Make your work transparent for your team and clients. See what others are working on and what’s left to be done, collaborate with your team, and deliver your project on time and within a budget with actiTIME.

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Start with unlimited aliases in the free Standard version, and then upgrade to the Premium version at a 50% discount when it launches!

ManyMe makes it easy to use email aliases, even offline in conversation or on paper, to add a new layer of privacy, security, and control to your primary email account. It’s like “online distancing” from unwanted and malicious senders. Working with any email system, ManyMe filters and forwards email to your primary account, so that you have only one, safer inbox to manage.  Save your personal address for family and friends, and use ManyMe aliases for everything else!

Sign-up here using promo code MANYME. This offer is valid for new accounts created through March 31, 2021.


40% off

The ultimate solution to get things done and get organized effectively, without stress. 

Use the coupon code SANEBOX-2020 in the web app’s account menu option.


10% discount on the first two months 

Rocket.Chat is a communication hub that centralizes conversations, allowing organizations to talk with all stakeholders and respecting data privacy. Utilizing high-security standards, the platform facilitates communication in chat, video, audio, live chat, broadcasting, live streaming, announcements and organizes conversations to improve team efficiency. The platform is flexible and can easily adapt to all organizations because of its open-source nature and powerful APIs. As of today, Rocket.Chat has more than 12 million people using the product in 150 countries.

Use code sanebox-partnership-2021. Redeemable through the end of March 2021.

Nir Eyal

Get both of Nir Eyal’s books (Hooked and Indistractable) for free with a new Audible membership

Want to learn how to build habit-forming products? You need to read Hooked by Nir Eyal. Want to learn how to break bad habits and destroy distraction? You need to read Indistractable by Nir Eyal. Sign up for a free Audible trial and pick Hooked as your free audiobook. You’ll then also get the Indistractable audiobook as well, for free.

See this link for details and instructions.


30% off for your first 3 months

Bonsai is the all-in-one freelancing solution for the world’s top freelancers. The software suite includes everything from proposals, contracts, invoicing and time-tracking, to reporting and expense tracking. Our products have deep integration and smart automation to save you time and make sure you get paid. You focus on the work you love and we handle the rest.

Sign up via this link and add the coupon code SANEBOX43982X inside billing. Valid for new users only until January 31, 2021.

Habit Nest

30% off the Gratitude Sidekick Journal

The Gratitude Sidekick Journal is a research-based journal that will help make an attitude of appreciation a core part of who you are. Reflect on a new gratitude theme daily, be WAY more supportive of yourself mentally, and hone a perspective of practical optimism.

Use code SANEBOX30 here. Valid for the next 30 days.

Process Street

30% off the first three months of your subscription

Process Street is the simplest way to manage recurring checklists and processes for your team. Create checklists, processes, and workflows for any recurring process and assign work and monitor progress across your entire team. Powerful features allow you to automate tasks, collect data and integrate with other software. Build your own or choose from 1,000+ pre-built templates covering every industry.

Use code SaneBox30 when signing up here. Offer valid for new accounts that sign up before March 31, 2021. If you already have a Process Street account, go here to redeem the code. 


40% off ANY Freedom Plan

Freedom blocks distracting sites and apps across all your Mac, Windows, iOS, Android & Chrome devices so you can focus on what matters most. Freedom users report gaining an average of 2+ hours every day. Do more with your time – get Freedom now! 



$25 Credit towards any subscription 

SaneBox is a premium VIP service for professionals drowning in email. It prioritizes incoming emails, moves unimportant ones out of the inbox into a separate folder, and summarizes them in a digest.