10 Ways to Work Smarter in 2019


Is 2019 going to be the year you take it a few steps further in your career? We could all use some advice on how to navigate the workplace and take control of our careers – and not just slog through the day counting down the minutes until quitting time. Here are 10 ways to improve your skills both in the office and in your personal life. Cheers to making 2019 your best career year yet!


Read more books


There comes a time in any career when you need to take stock in what you’re doing and seek a higher purpose, deeper motivation and cultivate a vision for an exciting future. Those things generally don’t just happen on their own — it takes a mentor, inspiring experiences, lectures or reading material to settle in where it counts.

Here’s a powerful lineup of books sure to light a fire in your inner girlboss and get you (or someone you know) inspired to be the change! (Men are encouraged to learn a thing or two, too!) Read more


Say no to email after-hours


Thanks to the advent of email and instant message technology, workday hours don’t seem to be so structured at all anymore or even defined. In a world where everyone needs everything as fast as possible, we find ourselves working longer hours to meet the demands of a work culture that doesn’t seem to sleep. As a result, it has become commonplace for employers to exploit their workers’ time “off-the-clock”, leading to workers feeling spread thin and unable to truly ever clock out. It’s time to take a stance against after-hours email once and for all. Read more


Get inspired by entrepreneurial podcasts


Along with this rising tide of female entrepreneurship, podcasts have become a media niche of business insights and stories for the women-in-business community, providing bite-sized trade secrets and management tips via Apple AirPods on the hour.

We lay out the best of the best in the podcast world of Women Business leaders. Perfect for those long commutes to the office to get you fired up for a long work day ahead, or an inspiring trip home to your side-hustle, these women-led and woman-focused podcasts are full of industry insights. Save a few episodes for the week ahead! Read more


Avoid phishing scams at work


“Phishing” is a type of cyber scam that involves sending a fake email (like the “Prince of Nigeria” from the video), dressed up to appear credible, that convinces you to either give up personal information or unknowingly install malware on to your system. This type of scam is tricky, but can be prevented or evaded. We laid out some tips to avoid falling for phishing. Read more


Spend less time on your phone


Phones masquerade as productivity boosters, what with their instant access to email, Google, and every app you need to run your business and get stuff done. But the truth is, more than anything else, phones act as a distraction—and they’re distracting you from building your best business (and life). How can you take control of your habits and create a relationship with your phone that boosts productivity—not hinders it? Read more


Hack your brain to increase your productivity


Do you feel overwhelmed by the basic concept of being productive? Or can you not seem to focus for more than five minutes at a time without tapping that Instagram icon and scrolling aimlessly?

If you’ve been experiencing roadblocks with your productivity and focus, then this article is for you. Luckily, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to “hack” your brain to stay focused longer, allowing you to get more stuff done. Read more


Improve your sleep quality


If you work full-time, chances are you’re probably busy around the clock. And in an effort to squeeze more productivity out of the day, you’ve probably been tempted to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to answer a few more emails, get caught up on a project, or set yourself up for success the following day. We asked entrepreneurs for their top sleep tips to find out how they get the high-quality shut-eye they need to function at their highest level (and take their businesses to the next level as a result). Read more


Find inspiration and motivation on Twitter


In these rough political times especially, it seems like a great time to invite more diverse voices to our feeds, starting with women in tech. Here’s 25 #girlboss entrepreneurs and feminists you should definitely follow ASAP. Read more


Disconnect and do less to get more done


In today’s technology-focused culture, being connected 24/7 is the expectation. Answering emails from your bed first thing in the morning, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for hours every day, and getting pulled out of the moment to answer a text message—whether you’re working on an important project, spending time with your family, or pursuing a personal hobby—is the norm.


It might sound counterintuitive, but carving out the time to (strategically) disconnect from devices, social media, and work can actually boost productivity and help you get more done in less time—freeing up that time to focus on the things that are important to you, whether that’s spending more time with your kids or squeezing in an extra hour at the gym. Read more


Redesign your morning routine


Life is rarely perfect – and true entrepreneurs know how to overcome obstacles and make the first 90 minutes of their day best work for their busy lives. These are the very real, completely honest, and totally attainable AM routines of 10 badass, goal-setting women in the tech industry and beyond. If you’re in need of some morning inspiration to optimize your own routine, read on. Read more