Business Email Etiquette

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Writing effective business emails is an essential, yet underappreciated, skill. Business emails are concise, demonstrating respect for readers’ time. They also encourage collaboration, through tone and attention to detail.

Effective business emails help individuals and organizations succeed. To increase your business emails’ effectiveness, observe these sensible rules of etiquette.

10 Email Habits That Will Improve Your Life

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By Robert Bernal

Many of us feel like we have two jobs: our actual job and responding to emails for our actual job. The high volume of email desk workers receive daily (and sometimes nightly) can be daunting or even downright dismaying.

But even the most email-fatigued among us know we need email to communicate with customers, colleagues, and friends. Email is woven into our lives and won’t go away anytime soon. And that’s okay because we can equip ourselves to manage our inboxes smartly, simply, and sanely. Read on for email habits devised to reclaim valuable hours, redirect energy to more important tasks, and restore the sanity email saps from us one ping at a time.

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Perfecting the Email Cover Letter

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Imagine you’re at a cocktail party filled with VIPs. With a smile and a handshake, you introduce yourself to your favorite author and describe how your copy of her latest novel has been passed from friend to friend all the way across the country and back and is now making its way across the Pacific. Then the party’s host whisks away the author to meet many more partygoers. By the end of the night, the author has difficulty keeping everyone she met straight. But she remembers you, thanks to your story, and seeks you out to chat some more.

You want the same results with a cover letter. Your goal is to be interesting and memorable enough to prompt further conversation.

How to Battle Email Fatigue

By Christine Landry

First things first: Email fatigue is real, and many of us experience it. At its most basic, it’s feeling overwhelmed by an overflowing inbox.

The phenomenon should be no surprise. Through the years, we’ve become increasingly dependent on email in both our work and personal lives. Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index notes that in February 2021, a subsection of Microsoft Outlooks users sent 40.6 billion more emails compared to February 2020. Certainly, work-from-home pandemic policies contribute to the surge. In 2021, desk workers had to rely on digital options, email among them, to interact. With many employers continuing their remote-work policies, it seems the email uptick is here to stay.

The Importance of Lead Responsiveness for a Remote Business

Do you plan to permanently transition your business to a remote office? 

Well, if you are, you should work towards positioning yourself for success. Working remotely may be convenient for many people for different reasons but it brings a unique set of challenges that you’ve already likely experienced over the past year compared to working from an office. You should address these challenges immediately with your team, especially as it relates to managing leads for your business.

We’ll discuss how remote-based businesses can better respond to and qualify leads quickly and efficiently.