10 Out-of-Office Email Ideas That Make People Smile

The holiday season is that special time of the year when we spread good cheer, gather with loved ones and set up our out-of-office email messages. This year, why not combine all three? Fun out-of-office messages spread good cheer and enable us to enjoy family and friends with fewer distractions. It’s festive multi-tasking!

Best Practices: Email Introductions

Before email, writing a letter of introduction was a fussier affair. It involved nice paper, ink, and delivery by a human being. In various eras and cultures, letters introduced individuals hoping to join polite society, secure employment, or win a thumbs-up from a potential spouse’s parents. Such letters, especially when written by respected mutual acquaintances, opened doors.

Capturing the Right Tone: Writing Effective Emails to Customers & Colleagues

Thank goodness for email. Yes, really. What other means of communicating offers savvy business users as much control of their messages? Telephone calls, Zoom meetings, and face-to-face talks are excellent for real-time, two-way conversations. But email is fundamentally different. 

Email is more forgiving. The effectiveness of a live business call relies a lot on an individual’s performance on the call. Did I misstate that fact? Why did I mispronounce her name twice? Was I on mute when I cursed? Email, on the other hand, affords users the time–and breathing room–to construct and deliver pitch-perfect messages.