Email Reminders — Your Secret Weapon to Get Things Done

Email Reminders and March Madness — Your Secret Weapon to Get Things Done (1)


Imagine the situation — sport is your life, your passion. You spend every weekend at local games, in the evenings you voraciously consume games on ESPN. You want to take part in the company sports league. Then, something happens. Maybe you get a promotion at work, or one of your kids is sick. Perhaps you’re planning for a vacation or applying for a job, life gets in the way.


And then, shock, horror, you miss the chance to enter your league. You had the email a couple of weeks back, but you just plain forgot. What’s worse, now your teams are doing well, and you’ve got an 80% hit rate on your predictions. Only, you didn’t sign up for the league. Who is going to believe you now?


We know what you’re thinking — what on earth does this have to do with email? We’re glad you asked. Here at SaneBox, we want to make email easier to use and more productive, that’s why we’ve got a comprehensive set of features to help you do just that. There’s one though that our basketball nut would have found extremely useful — SaneReminders. It’s not just for sports fans either. SaneReminders can help you out in a few different ways:


You can set a reminder to follow up on an email if people don’t reply to it. SaneReminders will notify you at the time you specify so you can send a prompt to the recipient.

You can defer dealing with an email to a future time. Just forward an email to a reminder address and it will magically appear back in your inbox at the time you specify.

You can send a reminder to your future self and that reminder will appear at the time you set.


You can see how our sports fanatic could have made use of this with the email he got!


Using SaneReminders to Make Yourself an Email Ninja!


Here are a few other ways you can use the SaneReminders feature.


You can follow up on requests for information from your team at work.

If you’ve applied for a regular or freelance job you can set a reminder to follow up after a specific time.

When you need to follow up with clients and potential customers after sending a marketing email.

If you’ve not had a response to a meeting or appointment requests.

Getting a status update on a project or other ongoing piece of work.

Requesting feedback from colleagues and peers — people always drag their feet on this stuff!


For even more email productivity power, check out what else SaneBox can do for you. Enjoy features like smart and simple email filtering, SaneLater for unimportant email, SaneNoReplies for tracking what you still need to reply to, and SaneNotSpam for never missing that important message.