The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Productive People


The holiday season is officially here – have you shopped for everyone on your gift list yet? If not, don’t fret – there’s still time to make someone’s holiday a little brighter.


Consider easing stress for your giftees by giving thoughtful, guaranteed-to-please gifts that will help increase their productivity at work and in life. Check out the list below for a few of our favorite ideas.

4-Day Workweek Shown To Increase Productivity By 40%


Why is there a five-day workweek? Studies show higher productivity, less waste when opting for a four-day workweek.


The grind. The 9 to 5. Business days. The weekday. As a society, we all accept this as the norm. Because for us, it’s all we’ve ever known. 


Yet, one of the hottest trends in business and human resources is the idea of the four day work week, with promises of higher efficiency and productivity — and three day weekends. 


Have you ever wondered why there are seven days in a week, and only two are your days off? 

The Best Ways To Start An Email


If you’ve ever ignored a message because it began with “To Whom It May Concern”, you know just how important it is to start an email in a more personal manner. The same idea goes with an overenthusiastic message – it can seem too “in your face” and might come across as desperate.


It can be a challenge to know how to make a good first impression over email – especially when you’re writing to someone you don’t know very well. 


Is “Dear” too formal? Is “Hey” too casual? Is “Happy Monday!” too cheesy?

4 Ways to Improve Your Financial Organization Habits


“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” -Gandhi

While this quote from Gandhi is most commonly used to refer to the actions people take in their day-to-day lives, it is also very applicable to your business strategy. That is, the actions, habits, and overall culture of your company can play vital roles in forming the foundation for your business, and subsequently what it will achieve. This holds especially true when it comes to your business’ financial strategy.

If you allow for great habits to form in your finance department, you will find lots of wealth and success in your business’ future. After all, a solid financial team is going to be able to best optimize your expenses and revenue to generate the most profit. However, if you fail to lay a solid groundwork in your financial strategy, your business will feel the effects quickly, and struggle to boost profit and grow. 

Save Big On These Black Friday Tech Deals


Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?


It’s like Halloween was yesterday, fall started like maybe 3 weeks ago and now there’s holiday ads and Christmas albums being released? If you’re one to worry about the stress of the holidays, sorry to have to give you yet another warning of the planning, merriment and family fun ahead. 


With all of the holiday hoopla incoming, there’s another big day coming our way the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 29 — Black Friday! We’re talking about dynamite deals, we’re talking about big TV’s, we’re talking… you get it. Thankfully, the trend is going toward more and more e-commerce deals rather than long lines and limited stock at brick and mortar locations. You can expect the best deals going on at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and more. 

Master Your Work Life Balance With These 5 Strategies


If you are reading this, chances are you are either great or awful at maintaining your work-life balance.


If you are great, you want another acknowledgment of your talents, and if you feel awful at planning, you want to find a remedy to fix it (or as a side note, you are just a procrastinator killing time professionally by reading beautiful articles). 

Avoiding Anxiety Over Inbox-Zero: Using Time Batching


If you asked me what my favorite type of batch was, I’d have to say chocolate chip cookies — hands down. 


But time batching comes in a close second. 

What is time batching? It’s a time management strategy that has you accomplish similar tasks in tandem. The idea is to get things done all at once instead of repeating the same tasks throughout the day.