How to Use Technology to Improve Your Workflow


A highly efficient, perfectly optimized workflow will ensure you and your team reach peak productivity levels on a regular basis. But how do you build a workflow that works. The answer: via proven technology solutions.


If you can dream it, there’s probably an app that’s been specifically designed to help you achieve it. The trick is to harness that tool for your own purposes.


In this post, we cover five ways that technology can help you improve your workflow. Whether you’re looking for a way to remove distractions, streamline communication, or better manage important projects, you’ll find the solution you need below.


Let’s dive in!

10 Tips To Fully Embrace Working From Home

We’re now ~3 months into social distancing due to COVID-19, and many of us have been working from home for that long as well. Remote work has long been at the top of the list of perks people most want at their job, but we imagine most people didn’t expect a global pandemic as the impetus for it. 

It can be tough to adapt to remote work life when you have little experience with it in practice. Back in March, we published 26 Essential Tips For Working From Home as a primer for first time remote workers and those having trouble focusing in these strange times. 

Now that we’ve had a bit of time to adapt, we’d like to share some more advanced tips that may help with Phase 2 of the work-from-home situation. Let us know your own remote working tips by tweeting at us @SaneBox

SaneBox & Partners Present The Remote Work Bundle ($200+ In Savings)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global workforce shifting to a remote work environment, productivity tools are helping people collaborate, stay connected, and focus. At SaneBox, we want to help make this transition as seamless as possible while empowering distributed teams to own and improve their work-from-home setups.  

We partnered with top companies providing solutions for time tracking, project management, digital communication, and more. For whatever your work-from-home situation needs, you’ll find a deeply-discounted tool here that will improve your productivity in these uncertain times. 

We hope you find your new favorite remote work tool here today. Stay safe and healthy!

How To Build The Ultimate Email Productivity Suite


Building the Ultimate Productivity Suite

Email is still THE most important communication tool in your business arsenal. It’s the ultimate point of authentication for the modern world — from cloud app, subscriptions to social media and beyond. It’s how All of your subscriptions and services keep you in the loop. It’s how businesses work and collaborate — even collaboration tools and project management apps use email identification and notifications.

26 Essential Tips For Working From Home


Many companies are switching to a remote-only working policy during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re unaccustomed to the work-from-home life, this can prove challenging. 


Here at SaneBox, our team is 100% remote, and we’ve learned some things over the years. For those new to remote working, don’t fret if the constant news cycle and social media updates about COVID-19 are causing you to be less productive then you’d like to be. 

How To Be Productive When News, Fear, And Social Media Is Causing You Anxiety


It has become increasingly difficult to stay productive and focus on work while the threat of COVID-19 looms. In these uncertain and confusing times, when there seems to be a news development every five minutes, it can be nearly impossible to pull yourself away from obsessively checking social media or turning on the news. 


A recent survey from the American Psychological Association found that more than half of Americans say the news causes them stress, and many report feeling fatigue, anxiety, or sleep loss as a result. The survey goes on to say that one in ten adults checks the news every hour, and 20% of Americans report constantly monitoring their social media feeds, which is a constant reminder of the chaos we’re feeling right now. 


Of course, it’s easy to understand the spiral of stress we’re all experiencing. Cabin fever and general fear are all understandable side effects of the current situation, and it’s essential not to beat yourself up about how you’re feeling and reacting. Mental health is just as important as physical health right now, and even the World Health Organization is urging people not to check news and updates that often:

Negating the Risk of Remote Work 




Remote work company policies are becoming increasingly popular. This option allows employees to work when bad weather, childcare needs, or illnesses come up, instead of taking time off. With these policies in place, employees report higher job satisfaction and productivity. However, this setup is not without risk. Working from home increases the risk of cybercrime against a company, and the distraction of home life can cause drops in productivity. However, there are ways to negate these risks.