Are you tired of sifting through endless dating profiles only to find out Prince Charming isn’t really 6’2” or that Princess Jasmine lied about owning that tiger? We know we are. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the newest offering from SaneBox.

Meet @SaneLove, our brand new matchmaker service that works right from your inbox. More than just another online dating service, @SaneLove analyzes your email habits and preferences in order to find you the perfect match.

Are you the type who values organization and punctuality above all else? We know just the inbox partner for you. Or maybe you’re more of an introvert and want an added dose of spontaneity in your life. We’ve got you covered. Whatever your style, rest assured that dates with your @SaneLove matches will never end because of “that thing” you “forgot you had.”

So go ahead and re-delete your Tinder. With @SaneLove in your dating arsenal, we guarantee that this time it will be a permanent delete.

(P.s. Happy April Fools’ Day from your friends at SaneBox 😉


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