New SaneBox Feature: SaneNews For Your Newsletter Emails

Rachel Dotson —  January 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Notice 2 new buttons in your SaneBox email digest!!

Flag &Train these emails… takes you to a web page to conveniently do that. You can also archive from that web page!

Archive All… yeah you can just archive them all.  If you don’t have an archive folder, we will create SaneArchive for you and put them there. We also call this the Bijan-Button (his idea).

If you see something you want to process and everything else is archive-worthy, click “Flag and Move to Inbox” on the interesting one, wait a moment, and then click “Archive All”

And, in the odd instance, where we made a mistake, click “Train to INBOX” and that will never happen again.

Rachel Dotson


Michigander turned Angeleno. Teach For America alum turned startup marketer. I spend my days at SaneBox, saving the world from email woes one interruption at a time.

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