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Apr 16

SaneBox Webinar: How to Outsmart Your Inbox

So you took the first step towards Inbox Sanity - you signed up for SaneBox.  But there’s more you can do.  Sign up for one of our weekly webinars to learn how to outsmart your Inbox. 

Apr 11


As you all, know on April 7 the OpenSSL project issued an advisory (of which NSA has apparently been aware of for 2 years).  We deployed the updated OpenSSL libraries on Tuesday at 7am EST and renewed all of our SSL certificates.

We take security very seriously (take a look at the newly launched Security page where you can see if anyone has accessed your SaneBox account), but you should too:

a) Enable 2-factor authentication for every site that offers it (

b) Use unique and random passwords for all your services via 1Password or LastPass

c) Have a long and difficult to guess but easy to remember password for 1Password or LastPass.  Think of a phrase or refrain from a song.  “Billy Jean is not my lover, she’s just a girl who claims that i am the one” becomes bjinmlsjagwctiat1 - a 17 character password that’s impossible to break but you already remember it. But it’s critical that you never use the same password for multiple services – so if one of them is compromised, others are safe!

Apr 09

Introducing SaneSubjects

One of the top feature requests over the last couple of years has been to allow filtering by subject.

If an email subject contains (or begins with, or ends with) a specific term of your choosing, we can filter that email into your selected Sane folder.

Here’s what it looks like:


Get started with SaneSubjects right now.

Mar 31

Introducing SaneFax!

When we started SaneBox 4 years ago we vowed to fix communication overload. Until today this revolved around email – after all an average professional spends 28% of their time reading and replying to email.  But we haven’t been blind to developments in communication: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and, of course, fax.  After doing a lot of research and speaking with hundreds of customers it became clear that the volume of facsimile messages has been exploding in the recent years.  To address this growing problem today we are excited to announce our latest product – SaneFax.


As customers have come to expect of our products, SaneFax will be completely seamless. After entering your fax number on our site, SaneBox will act as a filter on your facsimile device.  Urgent messages will be allowed to go through, while less important memos won’t be allowed to interrupt your day.  Once a day you will get a digest of your unimportant faxes.

As always, training SaneFax is easy.  If an unimportant fax managed to pass through our filter, just send a fax back to the sender with “not important” written somewhere on the paper. Alternatively, if a fax is important just reply with “important” in the message. We’ll intercept it and adjust our algorithms on the fly.  It’s that simple!

Sign up for SaneFax today!

Mar 26

The New SaneBox Dashboard

Your SaneBox account just got a design makeover. Come check it out!

First of all, a big Thank You to all our SaneBox customers for your wonderful recommendations and ongoing feedback. We’re excited to share our new sleek layout which you helped design!

Our New Look


Simple Navigation 
With the new Dashboard panel, you’ll be able to view & navigate all your SaneBox settings with just one click! 

Easy Toggle Between SaneBox Accounts
Click into an email tab to easily switch between email accounts

Usage Statistics Overview
Feel that sense of control and accomplishment as you admire all contacts you’ve trained, reminders you’ve sent, and all those attachments that are now neatly tucked away into your cloud storage. 

Security Logs
View your SaneBox login history and IP access points. You’ll also be able to see all third party services that SaneBox interacts with on your behalf.

Features To Try
There is always more exploring to do. Make sure to check out SaneBox’s email management suggestions

Want to help shape the future look of SaneBox? You can contribute your feedback here.

The SaneBox Gang

Mar 16


Feb 20

AwayFind + SaneBox = Match Made in Heaven

As we all know, SaneBox helps you focus on what’s important in your Inbox.  But what if you want to, say, stop working and unplug?  That’s where AwayFind comes in.  You can safely close your Inbox knowing that when important/urgent emails arrive in your Inbox, AwayFind will send you a notification via SMS or their iOS/Android apps.  

This way you can stop checking email and enjoy life for a bit.  You can create lots of rules with AwayFind, like “notify me when someone I’m meeting with in the next 3 hours emails me” and much more.

Since AwayFind just added support for SaneBox, and they’re good friends of ours, they are offering SaneBox customers a lifetime 25% discount if you sign up before March 1st .  To take advantage of this, be sure to checkout with code “saneaway”.