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Aug 19

How a Healthy Lifestyle can Save Your Job


A recent study by Brigham Young University found that employees who had difficulty exercising during the day were 96% more likely to experience a loss in productivity.

Many of us are guilty of developing bad habits while at the office, especially if you’re sitting for 8+ hours per day staring at a computer screen. Habits are hard to unsubscribe from, especially when those around you are doing the same. 

The good news is, there are a number of simple things you can do to improve your lifestyle which will directly affect your productivity at work.

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Aug 13

Why You Shouldn’t Unsubscribe from Spam

BlackHole, NASA, space, what a blackhole looks like

Around 70% of the 250,400,000,000 emails sent this year are spam. Unsubscribing to spam is one of the worst things you can do to avoid getting more spam, and there’s plenty of literature online to support this.

So, how do you reduce spam if you can’t unsubscribe?

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Aug 07


Jul 30

The Spirit of Trader Joe’s is Alive and Well at SaneBox


We recently found out about an amazing lifehack: Trader Joe’s lets you sample anything in the store! We thought we would pay it forward to our users. If you are at the max amount of folders for your subscription, but you want to try out a new feature, let us know! We’ll gladly let you “sample” the feature for free.

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Jul 18

How to truly enjoy your weekend


The weekend is finally here! Throughout the day, emails can pile up for work that needs to be done starting Monday. A great way to defer emails until then, or if we’re honest, Sunday at the latest, is by using SaneReminders or @SaneNextWeek folder. By simply forwarding emails to the, the email will arrive in your inbox at that time. If you drag the email to your @SaneNextWeek folder, it will arrive at 9am on Monday. Now you can spend your entire Saturday at the beach, rest assured that your emails will arrive when you’re ready.

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Jul 14

4 Principles for Awesome Email Responsiveness

By David DeWolf

I’m a responsiveness junkie. Especially when it comes to email. I strive to answer every (professional) email within 24 hours and it drives me absolutely bonkers when I can’t. On the flip side, I get a bit annoyed when I don’t receive answers in a timely manner. I don’t hold others to the same standard I hold myself to (though some requests obviously deserve it), but is it really impossible to get back to me within a couple of days? If so, maybe you need to start managing your email, instead of letting it control you.

4 Principles for Awesome Email Responsiveness

I’m not suggesting that you should spend more time managing your email – that’s not management. To the contrary, I’m suggesting that you get smarter about your email and reduce the time you spend in your email. Studies indicate that the average person spends almost 30% of their professional lives reading and responding to email. (Yes, I said thirty percent.) If that’s really the case, then it’s no wonder it’s hard to be responsive. Are you spending way too much time weeding through email to figure out what we need to respond to and too little time actually acting upon requests and responding? Here are four guiding principles for increasing the email you can process so that you can optimize your email responsiveness.

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Jul 11

6 Ways to Protect Your Gmail from Being Hacked

6 Ways to Protect Your Gmail from Being Hacked

By SaneBox

Most people don’t realize how vulnerable their Gmail Account is to cyber threats, which can lead to a laundry list of potential problems. Click through to find out how to protect your Gmail.